Medicina Aparato Respiratorio Lote 8 Libros Inglés

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Medicina Aparato Respiratorio Lote 8 Libros Inglés


Medicina Aparato Respiratorio Lote 8 Libros Inglés

Respiratory physiology . An analytical approach. Chang H.K. – Paiva Manuel. Marcel Dekker. 1985 Tapas duras

Ciba foundation symposium on Pulmonary structure and function. Reuck A.V.S,-O”connor Maeve. Churchill Livingstone. 1962

High altitude physiology : Cardiac and respiratory aspects. Porter Ruth – Knight Julie. Churchil.  Livingstone. 1971l

Chemotherapy of Chronic Bronchitis and allied disorders. May J. Robert – Scadding J.G. The Enghish universities. 1972

Ventilation / blood flow and gas exchange. J. B. West. Blackwell. 1965

Airway Dinamics. Bouhuys Arend.Charles Thomas Publishers. 1970

Pathology of Choric Bronchitis and enphysema. Heard Brian E.  Churchill LTD. 1969

Tobacco: amajor international health hazard. Zaridze D.G. – Peto R. International agency for research on cancer Lyon. 1986

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